- 12 août 2021

Research Project: Arctic Lights and Arctic Economic Development

Research Project

Arctic economic development has long been plagued with systemic problems, including lack of quality infrastructure, overreliance on the exploitation of natural resources with important price fluctuations and high prices for basic necessities (including food and housing). Governments with territory in the Arctic region have deployed strategies and policies to address these problems. However, we still lack the tools to clearly assess the efficiency and effects of these billion-dollar investments.

The Arctic Lights project envisions to use satellite imagery of night time lights to assess the economic impacts of these policies. This method is able to provide a policy assessment tool that can be deployed at the community level rather than solely providing indicators at the national or provincial levels.

We welcome fellow researchers, governments, businesses or civil society actors interested to contribute to this endeavour by communicating with Paul Minard (pminard@cegep-heritage.qc.ca), Mathieu Landriault (mathieu.landriault@enap.ca) or by consulting OPSA’ s website at www.cirricq.org/opsa.


To consult the original report: Arctic lights: Assessing public policy impacts using nighttime lights emissions – Cases from Quebec, Greenland and Norway

Paul Minard

Chercheur, OPSA
Mathieu Landriault

Mathieu Landriault

Directeur, Observatoire de la politique et la sécurité de l'Arctique