Chapitre de livre - 14 mars 2019

From Gérin-Lajoie to USMCA

Stéphane Paquin, sous la direction de Carolyn Hughes, Peter John Loewen, Tuohy, Andrew Potter et Sophie Borwein, Policy transformation in Canada. Is the Past Prologue?, University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 2019, pp.159-167.

In The Strategy of Conflict, Nobel laureate Thomas Schelling developed a notion that is now known as “Schelling’s conjecture.” According to this conjecture, the United States executive is advantaged in its negotiation of a commercial treaty with another government when it is obvious that the legislature (Congress), which must ratify the treaty, has a firm stance on certain issues.

University of Toronto Press

Stéphane Paquin

Stéphane Paquin

Directeur exécutif du GÉRIQ
Professeur, École nationale d'administration publique