Notes de recherche - 15 mai 2013

NATO Military Partnerships: The US National Guard State Partnership as the driving force for pre-accession and long-term cooperation

Samir Battiss, Paris: Fondation pour la recherche Stratégique (NORDIKA Program) April 2013, 11 p.

The United States National Guard State Part-nership Program (SPP) aims to strengthen partner states in support of the security coo-peration objectives of U.S. regional combatant commanders. In Europe and elsewhere, poten-tial or real weakness in transitional states jeo-pardizes both regional security and the democ-ratization process. U.S. Security cooperation through assistance in counterinsurgency, fo-reign internal defence, and training advisory missions seems much more relevant today than traditional State-to-State high-intensity operations. To engage in such cooperation, U.S. Combatant Commands and NATO structures could have an interesting approach at their disposal that combines national and allied security pro-grams. The SPP/PfP case examined in this chapter shows that the Nordic/Baltic armed forces have been influenced by this approach and could play a sustaining role for the NATO Partnering approach with regard to the future regional/global stability challenges to be tack-led on the short- and long-run in different parts of the world.

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Samir Battiss

Samir Battiss

Chargé de cours, Université du Québec à Montréal