Article - 23 avril 2018

Opening a new ocean: Arctic Ocean fisheries regime as a (potential) turning point for Canada’s Arctic policy

Mathieu Landriault, International Journal: Canada’s Journal of Global Policy Analysis, volume 73, issue 1; p. 158-165

This policy brief focuses on the opening of the Central Arctic Ocean and the subsequent questions this poses to regional governance. This change has the potential to radically alter the nature of Arctic governance as non-Arctic states will have to play a significant role in the rules that will apply in the Arctic high seas. Talks about a regional fisheries regime will define the future of this region. The creation of a coordinating agreement would have the benefit of not challenging Arctic states too fundamentally while at the same time incorporating non-Arctic states in a meaningful way in the regional governance infrastructure.

Mathieu Landriault

Mathieu Landriault

Directeur, Observatoire de la politique et la sécurité de l'Arctique