Notes de recherche - 30 octobre 2017

Submarine Cables: Bringing Broadband Internet to the Arctic, a Life Changer for Northerners?

Michael Delaunay, Arctic Yearbook, 2017

The internet has already changed the lives of billions of people all over the planet and still continues to do so. But in order to fully benefit from what the internet can offer, a broadband connection is essential. In the Arctic this is not yet the case. A large portion of the Arctic region suffers from a bad connection. There exists a significant digital gap between the northern and the southern region of the Arctic countries. For the majority of the inhabitants of the Arctic regions, internet is very expensive, but not only that; it offers a low bandwidth and a low data cap. This is particularly the case in Nunavut where Inuit rely on only one way to connect: via satellite. Other regions can be connected via micro wave or terrestrial fiber optic cables, but not all of them.

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Michael Delaunay

Doctorant-chercheur en sciences politiques à l'Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (UVSQ)