Notes de recherche - 15 mai 2015

The Pacific Northwest as an Emerging Arctic Region

Joël Plouffe et al., Border Policy Brief Spring 2015 (Border Policy Research Institute - BPRI - Western Washington University)

Border Policy Research Institute

This border brief, authored by two Arctic scholars, takes a special look at how borders are changing in the Arctic. The fast-changing Arctic is increasingly defined by boundaries drawn at a regional scale, rather than traditional borders that are based on national lines. This has major implications for the national and foreign policies of both Arctic and non-Arctic actors. The Pacific Northwest, which has an Arctic foothold through the northern subnational units of Alaska, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories (NWT), has been playing an active role in this regionalization process for several years, and seeks to expand its presence, as Alaska in particular takes greater initiative in positioning itself as an Arctic actor separate from Washington, DC.

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Joël Plouffe

Joël Plouffe

Doctorant, École nationale d'administration publique