Chapitre de livre - 15 décembre 2015

United States Foreign Policy in the Arctic Region: Between Reluctance and Engagement

Joël Plouffe, The USA and Canada 2016: 18th Edition (UK, Routledge), pp.48-58

USA and Canada 2016 Routledge

This essay looks at how various Arctic priorities and policy objectives have appeared and have remained on (or off) the presidential agenda in the USA since the Cold War, and how various strategies to attain US foreign policy objectives in the region have recently changed. The following overview offers a historical and contextual assessment of US Arctic policymaking from the Administration of President Richard Nixon (1969–74) until the present day. It briefly presents different regional and global structural elements and patterns that have shaped the way the USA looks north, why Washington has developed and refined its Arctic policy, and how this is relevant for the study of US foreign policy.

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Joël Plouffe

Joël Plouffe

Doctorant, École nationale d'administration publique