Image credit: Brookings Institution
25 novembre 2017

U.S. Arctic Foreign Policy in the Era of President Trump: A Preliminary Assessment

Analyse de la politique étrangère américaine en Arctique sous la présidence Trump, par Joël Plouffe, chercheur au CIRRICQ et doctorant à l’ENAP-École nationale d’administration publique.

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Ten months into Donald Trump’s presidency and there is little indication as to how this administration is planning to actively pursue American Arctic interests in its foreign policy. Former president Barack Obama’s strategy had an ambitious agenda on climate change and regional governance leadership. What we have seen over the past several months in terms of foreign policy outlook has been a mixture of continuity and change. (…) This policy paper looks at the legacies that the Obama administration left in terms of Arctic foreign policy, how the Trump administration has approached the region, and finally, what this could potentially mean for the U.S.-Canada relationship in the North American Arctic.

Joël Plouffe

Joël Plouffe

Doctorant, École nationale d'administration publique